Ali Shan Restaurant ★★

2012-11-25 08.44.23

Ali Shan Restaurant 阿里山品味餐廳

Address: 4500 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC
Phone: (604) 436-9026
Website: Facebook

Overall rating: 6/10

Food is average at Ali Shan, nothing too special about the menu except for a few items on the drinks menu.

2012-11-25 07.55.17

House Beef Noodles 5/10

The soup base is strong and the beef isn’t too fatty, and the meat taste is very strong in the broth, making the noodles saltier than expected.

The portion is generous and very filling.

2012-11-25 08.03.12

Bibimbap 7/10

This slightly spicy dish is quite tasty and although it’s not a traditional Taiwanese meal, Ali Shan’s chef mix a relatively well done kimbap.

2012-11-25 08.03.53

Deep fried yam balls 4/10

This turns out to be a very chewy treat instead of a yam-tempura-like dish we thought when we ordered it. This is a sweet dessert and is very filling, so don’t order if you’ve just had a full meal.

2012-11-25 07.58.39

鹽酥雞 (deep fried chicken nuggets) combo 7/10

This traditional Taiwanese chicken tastes very strongly of Chinese medicinal taste, and overall it is average.

2012-11-25 07.59.55

Drinks on average would have a 6/10.

The drinks are quite unusual, especially the white one on the lower right. It is the panna cotta, which in this case doesn’t mean the Italian pudding dessert. This drink has a strong cream cheese taste to it and mixing with the matcha flavour of the tea base, it makes a really unique flavour. Though I cannot say I am a big fan for cream cheese and green tea mixture, this drink is quite special.

In conclusion, this place is an average restaurant for Taiwanese food.

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